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We provide seamless medical care anyplace, anytime. 

We optimize patient care by providing a mix of virtual & on-site clinical solutions along with advanced proprietary technology.

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Telehealth &
Virtual Care

Our virtual program provides 24/7 care to maximize patient outcomes in the lower 48 states.


  • Acute Care 24/7

  • Remote Physiological Monitoring

  • Chronic Care Management​

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On-site Care

Our medical team assisting program focuses on quality care, communication, and leadership.

  • Medical Directorship

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Telehealth Extenders


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Our proprietary technology provides flexibility & automation to deliver  medical services any place, any where via our platform/3rd parties. 

  • Proprietary EMR​

  • API Integration Solutions

  • Diagnostic Test Machine Vision IP

  • Risk Assessment Score

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Additional Services

We thrive to provide medical services any place, any where.

  • OSHA Respiratory Assessment

  • Health Assessment Tests

  • COVID-19 Test Solutions

  • Health Passport


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