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Virtual Care & Telehealth Services

Founded on the belief that healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

24/7 Virtual Care

We offer scheduled visits, daily rounding, & 24/7 Telehealth visits via synchronous 2-way-video and asynchronous communication methodologies based on State regulatory environments. Reliant delivers seamless, physician-led patient care during after-hours coverage periods, including nights, weekends and holidays.

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Remote Physiologic Monitoring

Through the latest integration of FDA-approved devices, we offer remote physiological monitoring (RPM). Through the use of digital technologies, RMP collects medical and health data from individuals in one location and transmits that information directly to our health care providers for their assessment.

Chronic Care Management


There may be times when a patient may have urgent questions that need to be answered when they deal with more than one chronic condition. We work with your team to provide a care plan that helps manage your patient’s conditions and gives you access to 24/7 healthcare with a medical professional. 


Overall, CCM helps increase the chances that a patient will get healthier and moves them closer to achieving their healthcare goals by keeping them active in their health.


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Quality care is just a click away.

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