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Reliant's technology helps improve patient outcomes.

Technology that improves the ability to provide exceptional healthcare.


Our Platform

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Remote Physiologic Monitoring

Through the integration of the latest FDA-approved devices, we offer 24/7 continuous and semi-continuous physiologic monitoring.

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Efficient Charting

Our EMR allows for accurate voice transcribing and predictive charting. As well as, customized care plans that fit the individual needs of all our patients.

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Chronic Care Management

To provide the highest quality of care possible, we provide comprehensive care plans in to manage chronic conditions.

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Customized Care Plan

To improve patient outcomes, we offer care plans that are customized to meet each individual's diagnosis and medical needs. 

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Our platform easily integrates with third party EMRs and devices to provide patients and providers with seemless experiences.

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Flexible Visit Types

 Our EMR allows for flexibility in connecting with a provider, including, 2-way video visits, synchronous voice, and asynchronous chat visits. 

Workflows You Can Deploy With Our Telehealth Integration APIs

Ad-hoc, Secure Visits

Easily invite a patient into a virtual care session with a care provider through asynchronous & synchronous visits without leaving your platform.


Capture Patient Assessments In Call

Present care providers with secure assessment forms during virtual care sessions.


Track Activities for Billing and Reporting

Real-time, secure, transactional tracking and reporting.


HIPAA-compliant Video Visits

All clinical documentation is completed directly in your application with HIPAA-compliant video.

Integrated technologies for 360 Patient View

Physical exams are facilitated by a suite of bluetooth-connected devices and tools made available on site. Our valuable insight tools help providers make decisions that can improve patient outcomes and intervene when needed

  • Clinically Accurate

  • User-Friendly

  • Timely

  • Comprehensive, contextual data

  • Lightweight, cableless and wireless

  • Enhanced clinical workflow

Integrated Diagnostic Testing Using Machine Vision and AI

The rapid diagnostic tests are tethered to machine vision for image analysis by our platform. They are easily administered on-site and reviewed by our telehealth providers.

Flexible healthcare is just a click away.

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