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The First Hero program, with Reliant

Heroes are outwardly known for their commitment to others, their bravery, and their “can do” attitude in the face of adversity and challenges to their community. However, an unfortunate reality is that the inward journey of a hero can be a tumultuous one after experiencing a traumatic event– law enforcement officers involved in high stress events have a 70% chance of suicide following their next incident if they don’t seek intervention, and more firefighters die from suicide than in the line of duty. To carry the world on one’s shoulders comes with the cost of their lives in many instances.

For the first time, the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) First Responders will have access to a unique Mental Health model that combines telehealth medical services with trauma-based, culturally competent mental healthcare. The First Hero program, with Reliant, has created a platform unlike any other in Texas. By combining pharmacological, medical, and mental health services, First Responders will now have access to a true multi-disciplinary approach to their overall wellbeing.

The First Hero pilot program in the Rio Grande Valley allows Reliant a chance to give back to their community by not only serving our heroes, but by displaying the critical need of addressing first responder trauma and PTSD from all aspects of holistic care and wellness in the form of offered access to medication, behavioral therapy, substance use treatment, and so much more.

As of today, this program will include Alton Police Department (Spearheaded by Chief Flores), Alton Fire Department, La Joya Police Department (Spearheaded by Chief Gonzalez and Chief Salinas), and the Roma Police Department, but many more are expected to join the program. The First Hero team of trauma professionals stand by, ready to serve those who protect and serve us.

Reliant’s enhanced virtual care platform combines proprietary technology and clinicians for virtual visits with integrated triage, diagnostics, and treatment at no cost to the responder. But most importantly, The RGV First Responders can access these services on demand with complete confidentiality and anonymity from the comfort of their cars, offices, homes, or safe space of their choosing at no cost. The First Hero Program is the first step of many to make sure that our heroes are seen and heard in the same ways they see and hear those who they protect day after day.

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