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OSHA N95 Requirements

Take care of your employees while meeting your OSHA requirements

Easily Meet Your OSHA Respiratory Requirements
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Empower Employees

Our programs is designed to ensure employees exposed to respirable toxins are properly informed, trained and protected.

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Efficient & Confidential

All employee health information is protected in our HITRUST Certified HIPAA Compliant platform. 

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On-Demand Care

Employees can fullfill their training and assessment requirements on their own time and we train your team to provide the fit tests.

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Stay In Control

Use reports & dashboards to review employees' progress. Provide reminders and guidance via our dashboard. Print all OSHA required documents.

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Our Services 

  • Workplace and Employee Risk Assessments

  • Respirator Selection Protocol

  • Eye and Face Protection Protocol

  • Storage and Maintenance of Respirators Protocol

  • Employee Medical Evaluation

  • Employee Medical Provider Consultation

  • Respirator Fit Testing

  • Employee Training

  • Periodic Employee Assessment

  • Respiratory Protection Program Administrator Training

  • Web Dashboards for Organization, Administrator and Employees

  • Printable Version of Respiratory Protection Program (RPP)

Why it's important

OSHA N95 Requirements

The CDC has reported over 1,000 healthcare employees have died and 400,000 have been infected. Because of this pandemic, healthcare workers are becoming infected and dying despite wearing PPE, raising indignation about inadequate PPE, poor understanding of the dangers of reusing PPE, and a need for a deeper understanding of practical infection control practices in hospitals and clinics.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is stepping up worker safety enforcement — including by enacting an emergency standard and ramping up penalties on violators. It will implement the “emergency temporary standard” which determines workers are in “grave danger,” and will establish immediate and mandatory workplace safety rules employers must follow to protect employees from exposure.

Long-term care facilities and employers need a robust Respiratory Protection Program as specified in OSHA’s Respiratory Protection standard (29 CFR 1910.134). Centered around safety and risk management systems relying on robust PPE and a strong risk assessment and management program. Before wearing a respirator, workers must first be medically evaluated using the mandatory medical questionnaire, undergo regular training and take a fit test and be regularly audited for compliance.

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How We Help

Our medical and risk management team, composed of board certified physicians, respiratory specialists and nurses, and our innovative platform provides employers needing to meet their OSHA obligations a full service solution to protect your employees while managing the employee training, assessment and fit testing.

Our platform will seamlessly allow you to easily track progress, set reminders and provide the training resources for your teams. You'll be able to download and print the full Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) for your OSHA audits to demonstrate your ongoing good will efforts to comply with strict OSHA standards.

Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) at a Glance

Step 1: Sign up

In order to make the process painless you will be able to upload a data file containing your employee details to our secure cloud based system. Common Excel or CSV file formats are supported.

Once they are in the system, your team members will be able to use a provided URL to register online and get their accounts setup.

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Step 2: Employee Training

Upon signing up employees will be be guided to complete a training program on Respiratory Protection. They'll receive a certificate upon completion. 

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Step 3a: Health Assessment

Employees will take the regulatory OSHA questionnaire privately online. They can stop and resume without losing progress.

At the end of the process you will be able to provide documented proof that you are compliant with the OSHA requirement for N95 questionnaire.

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Step 3b: Health Assessment

Our medical staff review the results and if needed will schedule a telemedicine visit with employees that need them.

At the end of the process you will be able to provide documented proof that you are compliant with the OSHA requirement for N95 questionnaire.


Step 4: Fit Testing

We will train your administrator on how to hold Fit Testing training for your employees and provide the materials and resources necessary.

Your Respiratory Protection Program administrator will have the ability to track employee progress and set reminders


Step 5: Administrative Dashboard

Manage progress, set reminders and print your Respiratory Protection Program for your OSHA audit.

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