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Reliant is our integrated suite of technology that excels innovative healthcare solutions for everyone. 

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MDbox is our consumer facing telehealth app, making virtual care accessible and affordable for all.  Learn more

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Reliant MD is our team of experienced and licensed medical professionals who provide quality care for patients.

We are proud to be among those leading the telehealth revolution.

Our Driving Principle

We believe that healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

Our Leadership Team

We are passionately committed to delivering an exceptional healthcare experience for everyone.

Our leaders are focused on providing remarkable health services in the long-term care, virtual, consumer, and retail markets. Our suite of advanced integrated tools deliver best in class, cost-effective, and on-demand healthcare nationwide.

Henri Joseph Legere III

Henri Joseph Legere III

Founder & CEO

Paul Helm

Paul Helm

Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Legere, Esq.

Joseph Legere, Esq.

Chief Compliance Officer

Mark Deemer

Mark Deemer

Vice President of Business

Our Medical Team

Our world-class licensed medical team has a true passion for taking care of patient's needs both virtually & on-site. As a company, we are committed to compassionate and forward thinking healthcare. Below are just a few of the people that make up our incredible team!

Want to be a part of evolving healthcare?

Join an experienced team of engineers, healthcare professionals, designers and innovators. Brought together by a shared mission to improve care for everyone.

Business Plan

Our dedicated medical team is here to serve you.

US Certified & Licensed

Each of our medical professionals nationwide is licensed and certified by the appropriate medical organizations to provide services in the states where they practice.

Secure & Confidential

All visits are conducted on our secure platform and are digitally stored according to HIPAA standards. Each and every one of our healthcare providers undergoes background checks to ensure we provide secure and confidential care from qualified professionals.

Industry Experts

Our team undergoes a rigorous onboarding process to ensure the medical care they provide exceeds the standards set forth by the FDA and other authorities in their areas of expertise.

Compassionate & Caring

We hand select providers who are dedicated to providing caring, convenient healthcare services that put patients first. More than just receiving qualified care, we provide compassionate care, no matter the symptoms.

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